Peer support

Giving Poverty a Voice

In the summer, Jackie Cox and Church Action on Poverty organised a residential meeting in Windermere. This important event brought different groups together who are fighting against poverty so that they could share their experiences, expertise and views. Representing ATD Fourth World were Ian a new activist who recently started volunteering for ATD Fourth World UK and Seamus a long-term activist and family member.
Naomi accompanied them from the full-time team.

Ian remembers, “It was my first time representing ATD Fourth World UK. At first I was a bit apprehensive, but the company of Seamus and Naomi gave me the confidence to give my presentation to the rest of the group.”

Seamus said, “Ian asked me, ‘would you like to speak first?’, and I said, ‘Go ahead.’ He went first. We both spoke up. He didn’t need any help from me. He did well. I told him how well he did. It is really important to support each other is, when I first spoke out the first time I remember how hard it was, and now I have the confidence to help others. (…)


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